Those who are looking to go beyond edible products will be happy to learn that there are a variety of ways to consume cannabis. The rapid emergence and evolution of the cannabis-infused beverage industry has been promising for the mainstream market.

This category comprises products with high-quality cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, and Delta-8. Most of these products have a combination of CBD and THC, which creates a more relaxed effect. Listed below are some products that are vegan-friendly and made from natural ingredients.


For people who are new to the world of cannabis beverages, or are simply looking to have a more relaxing experience, the drink made by Wunder is the perfect alternative. Its 25-calorie variants have a combination of THC, CBD, and Delta-8.

The Blood Orange and Lemon Ginger Bitters have a lower dosage of 2mg of THC, 4 mg of CBD, and 2 mg of Delta-8. Other variants include Grapefruit Hibiscus and Watermelon Basil, which have a combined 10mg of THC instead of 5mg.

These are great for relaxing summer activities, given their citrus-like taste and the refreshing nature of the beverage. The four-pack of the product costs $16, while the single cans market at $8. 

Mad Lilly Spritzer

Mad Lilly is a women-owned company bringing a variety of beverages to the market, such as a line of THC-infused drinks. These include flavors such as Ginger Pear, Passion Fruit Mango, and Raspberry Hibiscus.

The Mad Lilly line is all-natural and low-calorie, with a proportional amount of CBD and THC. These are ideal for people looking for something a bit fruity and sweet.


The products from ALT are designed to change the landscape of cannabis by offering higher dosage packs. These are great for people looking to have a more focused and calming experience. They should be mixed into a morning coffee or afternoon tea to get the best possible effect. Since the products from ALT are flavorless, you can easily customize how you use them. 


CANN’s limited-edition flavor, Cranberry Sage, is expected to be a hit even after summer. Other savory variants offered include grapefruit rosemary, blood orange, and lemongrass.

The 100-party-pack is also ideal for people looking to add this to their social activities. The infused drinks from CANN are fast-acting and provide a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Rebel Coast

This company started as a traditional winery, but over the past couple of years, it has transitioned into a cannabis-based business. Their Sauvage is a fast-acting, refreshing drink with 10mg of THC.

Drinking this beverage is intended to help you avoid getting a hangover. Its low-calorie content is also ideal for people wanting to drink without remorse.