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A Blueprint for Federal Cannabis Legalization? By Joe Caltabiano

“Earlier this year, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill that will allow the state’s 63 licensed hemp farmers to apply for a conditional license to grow cannabis for the adult-use market. Under the law, cultivators would need to meet several criteria, including assurances they will abide by ‘safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly’ farming practices.” Read more of Joe’s piece on Benzinga’s site!

22 Cannabis Leaders Who Will Shape the Industry in 2022

“Caltabiano is a seasoned cannabis executive. As a cofounder of Cresco Labs, he helped transform the company from a startup into an MSO with more than $250 million in annual revenue.”

Marijuana Taxes Far Exceed Alcohol Taxes – And That Could Kill Legalization

“Higher tax revenues don’t mean more cannabis sold since state governments are generally taking 30 cents of every dollar spent on cannabis, much higher than the average tax rate on alcohol,” said Joe Caltabiano, the CEO of Choice Consolidation, a cannabis-sector SPAC, who co-founded billion-dollar multi-state operator Cresco Labs. Discover more of his input in this Forbes article!

Interview with Joe Caltabiano, CEO of Choice Consolidation Corp.

Joe Caltabiano interviews with Richard Hernandez regarding his background in the cannabis industry, his career journey, and his thoughts on the current cannabis industry.

Our Interview With Joe Caltabiano, Accomplished Professional

Joseph “Joe” Caltabiano is a respected and important voice in today’s emergent cannabis industry and regularly provides guidance to startups and established companies alike. Read more of his Surprisingly Free interview!

Joe Caltabiano, CEO of Choice Consolidation – ideamensch Interview

“Caltabiano is the Chief Executive Officer of Choice Consolidation Corp., where he is responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategic vision to uncover and advance opportunities within the cannabis market.” Read more of Joe’s ideamensch interview!