Most people who consume marijuana have had a friend who took an edible and then decided they weren’t high enough. Usually, this story ends with the friend taking another edible and going even higher. There are various types of marijuana products that can address this issue. With fast-acting marijuana products, users can enjoy the same effects without needing a lot of commitment. These are also incredibly portable and discreet.

Compared to their predecessors, fast-acting marijuana products are designed to deliver their effects in a short amount of time. This is because they’re quicker to absorb and release. Another advantage of these products is that they’re still a practical option if you’re short on time.

Highs from edible products typically last up to 12 hours, depending on one’s metabolism. On the other hand, fast-acting marijuana products’ effects align with what people would expect from a joint or smoking a bowl. This is because the body’s natural reaction to THC when taken from an edible causes it to become 11-hydroxy-THC.

THC can be released into one’s bloodstream more quickly with fast-acting marijuana products. In 2017, a Colorado-based company called 1906 introduced the first rapid delivery system. Today, the company is known for producing fast-acting marijuana pills called Drops. These are designed to deliver a specific effect, such as increasing libido or decreasing anxiety. The company’s products are created through a process known as microencapsulation. This process involves heating a mixture of ingredients to a specific temperature. When used in edible products, this mixture provides a faster effect because THC is more accessible to absorb than concentrates.

Companies such as Azuca utilize a process known as TiME, which involves coating the molecules of THC with a water-soluble coating. This coating tricks the body into releasing the substance into the bloodstream much faster since it no longer sees it as an oil. These processes aim to make cannabinoids more easily accessible to the body. They also provide users with a high similar to what they would expect from a joint or a bowl of marijuana. THC is released into the bloodstream once the liver processes it.

When the liver processes THC, it turns into 11-hydroxy-THC, which creates more potent and body-focused highs associated with edible products. Since fast-acting marijuana products bypass the liver, the substance remains Delta-9 THC, which makes a brief cerebral high when used in vaping or smoking.

It’s easy to see why fast-acting marijuana products are the best choice for specific situations. Since fast-acting marijuana products are convenient and can be consumed anytime, they’re a great alternative to traditional edible products. Another reason these products are a good choice for social occasions is that they give users a shorter duration of their effects. Compared to smoking, fast-acting marijuana products produce a more similar effect. This eliminates some concerns the first group might have, such as the potential for intense effects and difficulty dosing. These are also great for people who consume marijuana subtly and quickly.