More than ever, cannabis retailers must work hard to maintain loyal customers. However, how can dispensaries improve customer engagement while attracting more people to their brand? Here are some ways to boost brand loyalty.

Loyalty and rewards programs

One way brands are encouraging return customers is by offering a loyalty program that offers rewards for every purchase, online review or other brand interaction. 

Through these programs, retailers can give away gift cards or points for every review that they receive or purchase a customer makes. These types of incentives can help boost sales and attract more potential customers. Not only does this attract new customers, but as well as keep returning customers around. Loyalty and reward programs are also beneficial for emerging cannabis brands as they can help them establish their presence in the market.

Referral Program 

Referral programs are another effective way to boost customer loyalty. This strategy can help increase the number of repeating customers. It can also help dispensaries develop marketing programs that are designed to attract new potential customers.

According to studies, customers are more likely to recommend products and services to their friends close to them. For instance, the dispensary can reward the top three individuals who refer the most people by launching a month-long referral competition.

To encourage more people to refer their friends, the cannabis company can also introduce a tiered approach to the competition. For instance, they can offer a 15% discount on every purchase made by a certain number of people.

To thank their loyal customers, the cannabis company can also reward them for their loyalty by offering special promotions and rewards. For instance, they can text their customers with a coupon or provide a gift card on the anniversary of their store or the anniversary of their membership.

Be Personable  

A company’s success in the cannabis industry can be attributed to the human connections that it has established with its consumers. Being able to interact with them personally and naturally is an essential factor that retailers can consider to boost their customer loyalty.

Today, almost everyone who purchases cannabis from a medical or recreational establishment has a social media presence. Having a strong presence on social media helps establish a connection with potential and current customers. It can also help the organization promote its products and services in a fun and interactive manner.